Giving Back in New York City | Samuel Pinion

Living in New York City can be a very fulfilling time for an individual. There is plenty to do, see, hear, and taste in the city that never sleeps. Many people living in New York City also love to give back to their community but aren’t sure how to do so. Here are some waysContinue reading “Giving Back in New York City | Samuel Pinion”

Great Food You Can Only Find in NYC | Samuel Pinion

New York City is arguably the most foodie-friendly city in the world. If you visit NYC soon, you’ll likely get a culinary experience you won’t soon forget. After all, there are some foods you can only find in New York City. Here are a few examples. Dirt Candy If you want to try new foodsContinue reading “Great Food You Can Only Find in NYC | Samuel Pinion”

Charitable Giving During Uncertain Times | Samuel Pinion

During the COVID-19 pandemic, non-profit organizations have been more relevant than ever to help those struggling. However, it can be difficult for these organizations to secure the funding they need to continue operations. Many people have had to scale back on their own budgets, either from losing their jobs or fear that they will loseContinue reading “Charitable Giving During Uncertain Times | Samuel Pinion”

Eating Like a Local in New York City | Samuel Pinion

New York City has so many restaurants that the options may seem overwhelming. While some restaurants may be disappointing and overpriced, others will be worth the trip to NYC. These are some of NYC’s best-hidden gems to visit for a great dining adventure. Anyone looking for a fun dining experience should explore these restaurants as soon asContinue reading “Eating Like a Local in New York City | Samuel Pinion”

The Most Iconic Foods of NYC | Samuel Pinion

New York City has so many legendary dishes that it’s impossible to name one as the most iconic meal. Countless restaurants have won acclaim across the United States for their delicious, unconventional meals made from fresh ingredients and crafted by professional chefs. Here are just a few of the most iconic meals in New York City. OctopusContinue reading “The Most Iconic Foods of NYC | Samuel Pinion”

What It Means to Be a Philanthropist | Samuel Pinion

To some people, a philanthropist is a person who gives an arbitrary amount of money to any charity or cause. However, being a philanthropist typically means that a person gives regularly to causes that matter to them. In addition, they give more than just money. They also donate their time to help a cause setContinue reading “What It Means to Be a Philanthropist | Samuel Pinion”

Learning to Cook in a Small NYC Apartment

Cooking and entertaining can be a challenge when you don’t have a lot of room to work with, but there are several ways to utilize the space you do have and actually enjoy your time spent in the kitchen. When you’re working within a small space, here are some ways to get creative in order to maximizeContinue reading “Learning to Cook in a Small NYC Apartment”

What to Know About Volunteering Overseas

Everyone goes through at least one crossroad in their life where they comprehend what the future holds for them. Volunteering overseas is a good way to get a sense of that. There is nothing better than getting out of your comfort zone and learning about parts of the world you wouldn’t normally think you’d visit.Continue reading “What to Know About Volunteering Overseas”

Popular Food Concepts That Started in NYC

The birthplace of a brand is sometimes a factor in its success, and New York is renowned for being a start-up location for many prosperous food brands in the United States. The food and retail service industry in the USA generates approximately $5.32 trillion every year, which is a clear indication that the food andContinue reading “Popular Food Concepts That Started in NYC”

Tips for Creating Your Own Fundraiser

Fundraising is a useful tool to support any cause, be it personal or professional. There are online options for small businesses, nonprofits, or even individuals with a cause. Creating your own fundraiser is all about finding the right fit, which is at times a lengthy process. It’s important to know all of your options. DETERMINEContinue reading “Tips for Creating Your Own Fundraiser”

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